What documents you need to have with you when travelling abroad
We remind you that at the Border crossing you need to have with you the following documents:
  • the registration certificate,
  • the valid ITP,
  • the driving license valid,
  • the ID card,
  • the RCA (Civil Auto Liability) policy and the Green Card policy

Power of attorney for traveling outside the country with a car from ALD Automotive

Regarding the Power of Attorney required to leave the country, we have good news for the drivers who will travel across the European Union territory. According to the General Inspectorate of the Border Police regarding the movement of the vehicles within the Community area (EU), at the Romanian state border, the driver does not require documents stating the legal relations between him/her and the owner of the vehicle. As a result, under the conditions set out above, if you drive an operational leasing vehicle from ALD Automotive you no longer have to request us to issue a Power of Attorney to leave the country with your car.  

Green Card policy

  • Starting with 01.07.2020, the Romanian insurance companies will print the Green Card insurance policies on white paper.
  • The Green Card insurance policies issued before 01.07.2020 printed on green paper will remain valid until the expiration of the registered period.
  • For the vehicles registered and insured in other countries which are members of the Green Card System, from 1st of July 2020, both the Green Card insurances printed on white paper and those printed on green paper will be valid.

  • When traveling by car abroad, in countries whose National Offices are members of the Green Card system, the Green Card insurance for the vehicle is mandatory. The insured must have the policy printed on paper in order to be presented for verification at the request of authorities from the visited countries.
  • We also recommend that drivers, before leaving for a trip outside Romania, to check the validity period of the Green Card insurance. The period of validity must cover the entire duration of the trip
  • The policy must be valid in all countries crossed / visited, respectively the symbols of these countries indicated on the policy must not be crossed out.