Braking on winter conditions
Braking distance

Leave a larger distance between your vehicle and the one in front of you. The braking distance on a slippery road surface is twice as long as on a dry one.

How do you brake on a slippery road surface?

If you don’t need to brake hard, place light pressure on the brakes while changing down gears (if you have manual transmission). Hard, sudden steering or braking maneuvers are certainly not advised.

Slipping? Press the clutch in and dodge!

If you feel your vehicle slipping, immediately press the clutch in. This allows your vehicle to regain grip. Softly release the clutch so that you regain control. The natural reflex is to look at possible obstacles that you might hit, but it’s best to always look at the place or opening that you want to drive towards.

Braking in an emergency stop

All vehicles manufactured since 2003 are fitted with abs. Thanks to this anti-lock braking system, you no longer need to worry about pushing the brake pedal in with full force. The pedal may begin to vibrate: it’s the abs system beginning to work. You can keep pushing on the pedal.